Modelling the Continuity of Surface Form Using DEMs

TitleModelling the Continuity of Surface Form Using DEMs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsWood, J
Conference NameSDH 1998
Conference LocationVancouver, Canada

A new method of modelling surface form based the identification of a conic section's semi-axes is presented. It characterises surface behaviour over a local region rather than at a point. It is shown to produce significantly different results for calculations such as slope, aspect and surface flow direction. It is suggested that this method is more appropriate for characterisation of surfaces where continuity between neighbouring points in a DEM is important. An algorithm using the method is given, along with results of its implementation. It is shown to be appropriate for multi-scale surface specific feature identification as it allows users to 'filter' scales of interest. It is also demonstrated to be useful in the first stage of creating a topological weighted surface network.